Earth Circles Curriculum

Earth Circles is an exciting Environmental Justice curriculum developed here at First Parish in Bedford for UU 5th and 6th grade Kids.  The goal is for Kids to develop both understanding of and caring for the natural world we share with all living creatures. Given that it doesn’t matter what we know if we don’t care, children need to learn through experiences that are meaningful to them.  Such experiences promote understanding of their environment and valuing of its connection to their own lives, their community, and worldwide events.  Lessons focus on connections between people, other forms of life, and the natural resources that sustain us all, and commitment to maintaining a healthy environment for all of life.

The Earth Circles curriculum reinforces all of our Seven UU Principles.  The Seventh Principle’s focus is on living in harmony with nature.  Other Principles are concerned with respect, self-worth, social awareness, and justice in human endeavors.  A Principles in Practice discussion in each lesson helps Kids to make connections between activities and values, and consider relationships in their own lives.

For a PDF overview introduction to the complete Earth Circles curriculum:
Earth Circles Intro

To access zipped pdf files of the Earth Circles curriculum please use the following links:
Unit 1- Water Water Everywhere
Unit 2 – Visiting Nature
Unit 3 – Soils & Seeds
Unit 4 – The Fruitful Garden
Unit 5 – Acquiring Energy
Unit 6 – Climate Change

Download the Tri-fold brochure