Safe Congregation

Safe Congregation Response Team

While our congregation strives to be an inclusive community, affirming our differences in beliefs, opinions, and life experiences, we also recognize that a church community is vulnerable to the ills that affect society, including injurious behavior. In recent years, the issue of making our congregations safer has become more prominent. First Parish has addressed this need by implementing policies and procedures designed to help make First Parish a Safe Congregation and we have established a Safe Congregation Response Team (SCRT), tasked with the oversight and implementation of these policies and procedures, as well as the handling of any reported problems, issues, and complaints of noncompliance with the Safe Congregation Policy. These may include safety concerns related to the: physical site, operation of the religious education program, transportation and supervision of children off-site, and interactions among our members, friends, and staff. The SCRT accepts the submission of concerns in a variety of ways, including letters, emails, and telephone calls.

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