Proposing a Project

Proposing an Action Project

The Social Responsibility Council (SRC) supports social outreach projects of education and awareness, service, and social action. It offers public support, funding, and/or guidance for sponsored projects.

We invite those interested to submit proposals to the SRC for specific Social Action Projects. We recommend that major projects involve teams of two or more parishioners who take direct responsibility and that any others who commit support be identified as well. Suggested “Proposal Formats” and helpful “Points to Consider” in its formation can be downloaded by clicking on the links below or from the First Parish office.

Social Action Project proposals will be reviewed monthly at regular SRC meetings. Applicants are encouraged to attend the review meeting to ask or answer questions and give additional information. After approval, project leaders will be responsible for keeping the SRC informed about progress, budget, learnings, issues, and accomplishment of goals as well as a written summary for our June Annual Report to update the entire church community.

Additionally, the Council is charged with choosing “Sharing the Plate” recipients who will receive one half of the first Sunday of the month service offering. Proposals for Sharing the Plate are also reviewed at regular SRC meetings. Recipients are expected give a short presentation during the Sunday service, and to be available after the service to answer questions.

We are always open to suggestions for such support, and look forward to your active involvement. Please contact any of the SRC members for further information.

Share the Plate Application*

Grant Funding Application*

Points to Consider on your Grant Application*

*If you have difficulty downloading an application, try using a different web browser or email the chair for a copy.