Parking and Entrances

Entrances – The main entrance to First Parish (for Sunday services and other ceremonies in the Sanctuary) is through the green doors facing the town common on The Great Road. An accessible entrance (and our main entrance during the week) with the elevator is the entry on the right side of the building – on Elm Street. In addition, on Sundays only, the door on the South Street side by the Memorial Garden is open for access to the church.

Parking at First Parish is primarily on-street parking, surrounding the church building on the Common. Near the Elm Street entrance, there are two permanent HP parking places, and both are van accessible. On Sundays and for events, we set aside two more spaces as handicapped accessible, also by the Elm Street entrance. Additional parking can be found to the right beyond the Elm Street entrance on School Street, and in the lots for the Santander Bank and the Right at Home buildings on the Great Road across from the Common.