The Bedford Lyceum

A Forum on the Arts, Spirituality, Science and Justice

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chaired by Doris Smith

Sunday mornings from 9:00 – 9:50

in the Common Room at First Parish

(unless otherwise noted)

Upcoming Lyceums


May 2019

May 5: “Report from the Border” with Sylvia Cowan and Raquel Bauman. Eyewitness reports and personal conversations with asylum seekers at the US/Mexican Border are the topics of the 5 de mayo Lyceum.  Raquel and Sylvia will share stories and perspectives from their two-week journey in February through southern Texas and along the Mexican border.  They were Spanish-speaking volunteers working at a detention center and a bus station with non-profit RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, Inc.) under the UU-College of Social Justice program.  They also spoke with migrants at Piedras Negras in Mexico making the long journey.  Supported by a Social Responsibility Committee grant and parishioners’ good wishes and prayers, this was a life-changing journey.

May 12:  NO LYCEUM – Ferry Beach Retreat weekend

May 19:How to Get Healthier – the Hard Way” presented by Kathleen Walker and Mike Lally – Mike and Kathleen will discuss their journey on a luxurious 11 day cruise to the Caribbean. You might well ask, What’s hard about that? How can a cruise make you healthy? Why would I come to hear them go on and on about the fun they had? Why is this so important to them?  We would answer, you should come because:
•     You will learn how to live a longer more vibrant life;
•     You might find out how delicious, and nourishing, eating plant based food can be;
•     You will be assured that our commitment to this way of eating is based on facts – and not fake facts.

May 26:  NO LYCEUM – Memorial Day Weekend