Small Group Ministry

If you are looking for ways to draw closer to people in the church community, to nourish your heart and spirit, and to engage your mind in stimulating conversation, our small group ministry program may be for you. Each small group consists of 6-10 people who meet regularly (usually 2 hours, twice a month). They discuss a topic intended to focus the group’s attention on things we have in common just by being human. Short readings and questions are provided. The point is to get to know one another and share our thoughts. The curriculum brings us closer together. In addition, it helps us “walk the talk” of Unitarian Universalism by fostering service to both the church community and the wider community. Groups are led by facilitators chosen from a pool of volunteers by the ministers. Facilitators open and close the meeting and help assure that all get a chance to participate with tact, openness, and respect. If you are interested in joining a group or would like more info, contact the church office.