Peace and Justice Committee

Our History

A Globalization Task Force (GFT) was established in 2003 as one of the first programs to be funded by the First Parish Social Responsibility Council. The mission of the GFT was to study and act upon the social justice forces created by economic globalization.  After two years, GFT’s’ focus gradually began to include broader peace and justice issues which reached beyond the scope of economic globalization.  Accordingly, and at the beginning of the 05-06 church year, the name of the GFT was changed to the Peace & Justice Committee.  Committee funding is included as a line litem in our First Parish Bedford yearly budget.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to study, educate, and act upon social justice and peace issues pertinent to our Unitarian Universalist values.  Additionally, we work to promote the social justice campaigns of both the UUSC and the UUA’s Congregational Study Action Issues and Statements of Conscience.

Central to our mission are film screenings, begun in 2006, which are an important educational tool used to teach and inspire to action.   Other educational tools utilized by Peace & Justice include the sponsoring of Lyceums; the hosting of Sunday services; scheduling of speakers; and connecting members with peace and justice events and groups in the community.

Past Campaigns

  1. Voter Suppression
  2. Immigration Justice
  3. Peace & Nuclear Disarmament
  4. Gun Violence
  5. Justice in the Middle East
  6. Economic Justice
  7. Criminal Justice Reform

Committee Meetings

The committee is not active at this time.