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If you’re going to shop on Amazon anyhow, why not give a boost to First Parish while you’re at it? By simply going to “” and listing First Parish in Bedford as your charity – or click on the link below – First Parish receives a percentage of your transaction. A very easy way to earn donations to the church!

Fair-trade coffee, tea, chocolate, and olive oil

Equal Exchange ChocolateEqual Exchange CoffeeEqual Exchange Olive Oil

Get your caffeine and chocolate fix from a socially responsible source, Equal Exchange, sold at coffee hour most Sundays. Also available for sale are 750mL bottles of extra virgin olive oil. First Parish receives 20% of the proceeds from all sales of these items.

A Meetinghouse & Its People – The Story of The First Parish in Bedford

By Sharon Lawrence McDonald

Meeting House Book CoverAs its Town Historian, Sharon McDonald has an impressive amount of knowledge about the town of Bedford. …  Sharon is a wonderful storyteller, and in her special way she has woven all of this into a narrative that is both informative and entertaining. Highly recommended!

—Don Corey,  President, Bedford Historical Society


These accounts of First Parish history enable all of us to have been here forever, or at least since 1729.  Of the personages we may never have heard, and we may share no blood lineage, but these are our ancestors now!

In their accomplishment and anxiety, their oddity and aspiration, their frustration and foible, their plodding and marching and day after day walking together, may we see a resemblance to ourselves. Amidst the ordinary and the momentous, may they teach us perseverance and the long view.
—John E. Gibbons

First Parish T-shirts, Cookbooks, and Postcards

Available for sale at the church office and on occasional Sundays, with all proceeds benefiting First Parish. For more information, please contact or call (781) 275-7994.

First Parish T-ShirtsThese colorful T-shirts are available in adult and children’s sizes. Logo on front, plain on back.First Parish T-shirt Close-up






Copies of the First Parish cookbook, “Recipes from the Common Cupboard” are still available!

From The Common Cupboard Cookbook

Economic stimulus price $10 (originally $20).






First Parish Bedford PostcardPostcards of First Parish from original paintings by Bedford artist Anne MacRae MacLeod

4 for $1.00



Journey in North America / Utazás Észak-Amerikában

Honoring “the transformative power of pilgrimage,” Rev.John Gibbons arranged re-publication of Journey in North America, a facsimile copy of the 1834 first edition in Hungarian, and an English translation with an introductory essay.

Sándor Bölöni Farkas or Alexander Farkas (1795–1842) was the first Hungarian Unitarian to visit America. Traveling in 1831, he described the United States as a wonderland, and highly praised American democracy. Like deToqueville (whom he met in Boston), Bölöni’s writings furthered democratic agitations in Europe and the Revolutions of 1848. More radical than the Catholic deToqueville, Bölöni’s book was banned by the Roman Catholic Church in 1834.

The new publications are available at First Parish in Bedford’s church office as a two-volume set (English and Hungarian) for $30 or, singly, for $20.

Please call the Church Administrator at 781-275-7994, or send an email to

Journey in North America Journey in North America

“Edict of Torda” posters

Sepia print 16″x20″ of Aladar Korosfoi-Kriesch’s famous painting of Francis David and the 1568 Proclamation of Religious Freedom at Torda, Transylvania. Key and history included. $20 includes shipping & handling.

Torda Poster

Sales of this poster will benefit The Hungarian Unitarian Church, The UU Partner Church Council, and The Bedford-Abásfalva partnership.

Please download and print the form below to purchase.

Edict Of Torda Order Form 2017