First Parish Reopening: Latest COVID Guidelines (updated 9/10/21)

Re-Opening Guidelines for Worship (as of 9/4/21):

Starting with Ingathering Worship on September 12th, worship will be hybrid for now, with an outdoor option (weather permitting) and a zoom option. Faith Development programs for kids, youth and adults are planned to be outdoors weather permitting, with Zoom as a back up.

Updates on outdoor gathering status will be shared via the ParishBiz email list (click here for information on how to subscribe, or email for assistance).

Please review detailed guidance from the First Parish Re-opening Task Force here:

First Parish’s Reopening Phases (Red/High, Orange/Substantial, Yellow/Moderate, and Blue/Low) are tied directly to the CDC’s Community Transmission Rate for Middlesex County.
To check the current rate: click HERE, and select Massachusetts — Middlesex County. 

First Parish Re-Opening Task Force members are: Sarah Dorer, Rev. Annie Gonzalez, Rev. Wendy Bell, Bob Doud, Bob Batt, Kath McCafferty, Bea Brunkhorst, Brad Conner, Susan Lincoln, and Joel Parks.

The next meeting of the Re-Opening Task Force is scheduled for 9/22/21.

Building Use COVID Guidelines (as of 8/12/21):

Our building is now open for external group use and we will re-evaluate these guidelines over time, monitoring public health information.

We expect all groups using our space, whether renters or our own congregants, to follow state guidelines for COVID, with the following additions:

  • Everyone will be masked during the event and there will be masks near the Elm Street entrance for anyone who needs one
  • No eating/drinking indoors (exceptions for staff working alone in office)
  • In planning events we must ensure there is enough space to socially distance for those who wish to and to reduce density overall
  • Check in log with name and cell phone contact info; we will put a log book at the Elm Street entrance with hand sanitizer with a large sign saying “STOP: You must log in for contact tracing purposes” (include note that this info will be kept confidential and destroyed after 14 days)
  • Groups may currently use: the Common room (65 people max), the Sanctuary (180 people max), and Room 204 (25 people max)
  • Everyone must communicate clearly with First Parish if anyone in your group should test positive for COVID later