Sunday, September 22 at 10:00am

“Preemptive Radical Inclusion”

CB Beal, guest preacher

CB Beal, M.Div. specializes in facilitating learning experiences that involve issues of marginalization, oppression, and privilege; helping participants hold the complexities of our lives in perspective, and co-creating a safe[r] brave[r] space within which people can learn and grow.

CB is a frequent presenter and consultant in congregations and schools in the northeast in anti-bias education, Preemptive Radical Inclusion, safer communities/congregations, and supporting LGBQ and gender creative and trans/non-binary children and youth in schools and youth-serving organizations. They are sexuality and consent educator and an Our Whole Lives trainer and trainer of trainers. Prior to full-time consulting, CB was a Director of Religious Education for 16 years.