First Steps


Welcome to First Steps!

A Religious Education Program for Pre-Kindergarten Children (one year prior to entering Kindergarten)

Affirming and promoting the values that are reflected in our Unitarian Universalist Principles are a principal attraction to Unitarian Universalism.  For the 2018-19 year, we will be introducing the Seven UU Principles to young children with a curriculum called “The Rainbow Connection.” This curriculum, written by Karen Hager and taught by experienced early childhood education volunteers from our congregation, along with teen teaching assistants, helps our children appreciate and act on these UU values in their own lives.

Each Sunday morning the class will focus on one of our UU Principles. As we light the Flaming Chalice – symbol of our faith – we will gather together with stories, activities, crafts, songs and games that reflect the principle of the day.

The morning will also include stories, songs, free play, and time for making friends!  Some of the key values we’ll focus on are these:

Each and Every Person is Important

Be Kind in All You Do

Search for What is True and Right for You

Be Active! Talk and Vote on Your Ideas

It Does Need to Be Fair for All!

Everything Is Connected

We meet each Sunday in room L06. Nut-free snacks are provided.