Pop-up Plant Auction starts Memorial day weekend!

Got Plants?
  • Go to our link, read the directions carefully, decide what you’d like to offer, gather your info and then enter your items!
  • https://www.auctria.com/auction/plantauction2020
  • Donations can be made NOW through Friday, 5/29 – so go ahead and add more through the week!
  • Plants will be exchanged by donors and buyers at times and using pick-up/drop-offs of your choice (driveway, porch, etc.). See the website for details, and follow safe social-distancing rules.
  • What can I donate?  Plants!  Indoor/outdoor, flowers, veggies, seedlings, splits, small bushes.  Whatever you have in whatever amount you have that you feel you can reasonably provide!
  • You select the value – so go ahead and price things to sell!
Want Plants?
  • Bidding starts online at NOON Sunday 5/24 and ends Saturday 5/30
  • Really want an item?  Choose the BUY IT NOW option.  Pay the full price, and it is yours!
  • The website is open for browsing immediately! https://www.auctria.com/auction/plantauction2020
  • Items are available first come, first serve and new items will be added all week, so check in early and often if you are passionate about planting!
  • Plants will be exchanged by donors and buyers at times and using pick-up/drop-offs specified by donors (driveway, porch, etc.) and safe social distancing. See the plant descriptions for details.
  • Your check-out receipt will have donor contact info, and you can pay by credit card or send a check to the church.
This homage to our wonderful Plant Fair organizers and volunteers, current, past and future, is intended to be fun and raise a little money for First Parish. We are winging it, so read the website carefully!
Happy Gardening, Folks!