March 2019

March 3:  The Deep History and Current Trends of the English Language with Daniel G. Donoghue, Harvard professor. Is change in language a good thing or a bad thing? Can knowledge of the long history of English help us understand current and future trends? Are English dialects going to merge? Who decides what is correct grammar? Come and discuss these questions.

March 10:  A Retrospective of 60 Years of Activism, or How to Feel Good When You Lose More Often Than You Win. This lyceum will be presented by activists Brown and Lois Pulliam.

March 17:   NO LYCEUM

March 24:  Abby Hafer will tell us about her new book: Darwin’s Apostles. When the discovery of evolution by natural selection was announced to the world, neither of the scientists who discovered it were present at the announcement! When evolution was debated and insults traded at the notorious 1860 meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, the co-discoverers of evolution weren’t there, either. Who did the hatchet work on behalf of evolution? Why, Darwin’s apostles, of course!

March 31, 8:30AM (Note special time): In Our Own Words a presentation by Boston NAMI and coordinated by Lee Vorderer. As a follow up to the Access for ALL service on anxiety, we’ve invited members of the Boston NAMI chapter to come speak and answer questions about their experiences with mental illness, stigma, and any general questions around invisible disabilities that the congregation might have.  “In Our Own Voices”, which will include a conversation/presentation, along with a short film.