Donate with GivePlus

For your convenience, it’s possible to give to First Parish in Bedford electronically. This allows giving without using a check or cash. (You can still donate the old fashioned ways.)

We now have three ways to do this:

GivePlus Mobile and GivePlus Online share some features:

  • Payment through credit cards, debit cards, or bank-to-bank transfers.
  • One-time payments or recurring payments (weekly, monthly, or other frequencies)
  • A user can set up an account with GivePlus to avoid the need to re-enter name and address information each time a donation is made. This account is with GivePlus, not with First Parish, and can be used to donate to any other congregation that also uses GivePlus. Setting up an account with GivePlus also allows viewing your GivePlus giving history.
  • Donations can be directed either to the church’s general fund or to the Sunday collection. Donations to the church’s general fund will be credited against the donor’s annual pledge.

GivePlus Text provides a simple way of donating through a smartphone. Just text (SMS) a dollar amount to 833-765-0091. The first time this is done, you will get a link to a website where you can enter your name and credit card information. This information will be remembered associated with your cellphone number. Subsequent donations through text will automatically use the stored information.

Donations through GivePlus Text will be treated as Sunday collection contributions and will not be credited against the donor’s annual pledge.

The GivePlus service is product of Vanco Payment Solutions, which specializes in providing payment solutions for churches, non-profits, and other organizations with similar needs.

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