Flower Communion Sunday

Flower Communion Sunday

With Reflections by Rev. John Gibbons & Josh Leach

And a Meditation by Rev. Megan Lynes

Delivered on Sunday, June 11, 2017

At The First Parish in Bedford, MA



A Thought to Ponder at the Beginning:

“All human beings are created in the name of joy and happiness,
but thousands of troubles surround us, tormenting us with sadness.
If a person cannot see beauty in the world around them,
then troubles and sadness tie them down.
The beauty of the clouds floating in the sky, the beauty of the spring rain,
the beauty of flowers, the beauty of friendship and love.
May people see that beauty.
May true humanity spread out in human hearts;
may we all get our daily bread;
may people forgive each other their trespasses
and not bring each other into temptation through hatred.
May peace spread out across all the Earth.  Amen”

—Norbert F. Capek