The Parishioner – October 2019

See below for the October issue of The Parishioner.

Parishioner October 2019

Detailed Calendar

This calendar is the same as that found in the latest newsletter.  It contains a more detailed schedule of events at First Parish than our online interactive calendar.   You can download it as a PDF separate from the newsletter using the link below.

Calendar 10-2-2019

Submission Deadlines

The deadline for articles is (generally) the last Sunday of each month.

Please submit your articles to by noon 
on the following dates:
For publication on the following Wednesday:
October 27, 2019 October 30, 2019
November 24, 2019 November 27, 2019
December (TBA)

A gentle reminder from your friendly neighborhood newsletter editors:

  • If you haven’t emailed your submission to by the time you leave for church on Sunday, leave a hard copy in the newsletter mail slot by noon. Don’t wait until Sunday afternoon to send newsletter copy.
  • Please coordinate your publicity needs with the schedule above.  On the Sundays indicated, I will collect written articles some time after noon.  I will make a last email check some time after noon.  (It may be 12:01 pm, it may be 11 pm; you should assume it’s 12:01 pm).  If, after that point, you have something that absolutely has to be in the newsletter, you should seek an alternative method of communicating/publicizing your event.