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Important Notice Regarding Service Times

Please note that from now until our final formal worship service before we break for the summer (June 14), there will be one service only at 10:00am each Sunday.


Sunday, April 19 - one service at 10am

"The Power of Forgiveness: Lessons from Rwanda"

  Melissa Bartholomew, Guest Speaker

Ms. Bartholomew is an expert in non-violent strategies in post-conflict situations, such as the forgiveness work she observed first hand in Rwanda. In light of how non-violent strategies can apply to situations such as “Ferguson,” she will speak about racial justice, reconciliation and healing.



Sunday, April 26 - one service at 10am

“Access for All”

Sponsored by your Access for All group, the focus of this service will be three stories from people with disabilities about their lives and their successes. While Access for All has done a lot of work around accommodation in the last year, we want everyone to know that there are lots of people with disabilities who have lives that they choose, that they like, and that they’re working on, just the way those of us without disabilities (however temporarily) have.




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