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chaired by Ginny Packer

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(*The new schedule is a pilot project which we will evaluate in December.)



April 2014


April 6: “Corporations Are Not People: Why They Have More Rights Than You Do and What You Can Do About It,” with author Jeffrey D. Clements. We are fortunate thatJeff will join us to discuss his important and thought provoking book. Jeff Clements is co-founder and President of Free Speech for People, a national, non-partisan campaign to overturn Citizens United v. FEC, to challenge unbalanced corporate power, and to help ensure the success of republican democracy in America. Please check out the work of Free Speech for People at
April 13: “Earth Circles: Water, Water Everywhere? What Adults and Kids Need to Know,” with Maureen Oates and others. Over the past three years RE has been developing Earth Circles, an environmental curriculum that combines an understanding or our natural resources with the practice of our UU Principles, especially the Seventh Principle.
  Learning in this context promotes caring as well as knowledge. And basic knowledge is needed for people to address water resource issues and inequities effectively. Did you know that though water makes up around 71% of Earth's surface, only 1% is drinkable? Do you know how that water is distributed across the peoples of the world? How are we caring for the water?
  We are ready to introduce our first completed unit, Water At Work. Please come and learn about Earth's water supplies and see a hands-on demonstration of an Earth Circles activity.
April 20: Easter Sunday – NO LYCEUM
April 27 from 12:30-2:00pm (Note special afternoon time): “Families for Justice as Healing” (FFJAH), with Andrea James. The mission for FFJAH is criminal justice reform, and legislative advocacy to shift from prison building and expansion to creation of community wellness centers and resources. We are fortunate to have Andrea James, founder of FFJAH, with us to discuss this important work: why she does it, what it means to us locally, and how we can help make a difference. (See article on p. 6 of this month's newsletter for more information.) FYI…The Senior Youth Group will have a fundraising sandwich and beverage lunch available for the 11:00 service people so they can stay for the Lyceum.
May 4 from 9:00-9:50am (Note earlier time – one service Sunday): “An Unattractive Parking Lot Turns into a Horticultural Gem.” The story of Carlisle’s Center Park is the tale of a Cinderella woodlot that became a stunning garden park–and a personal parable wherein former First Parishioner Sabrina Perry turned aging on its ear.
    While many slow down when they turn 70, Sabrina instead created Center Park. Raising awareness, support (not always easy) and significant funds, the work to create the park began in 2005; the dedication took place in 2007. Now on the cusp of its 7th year, Center Park’s initial garden design plan is complete and it represents a testimony of living art in nature.
    Illustrated with stunning photographs of the park and its blossoms, Sabrina’s Lyceum conversation will include an invitation to bring your family and a picnic to Center Park on Carlisle’s Old Home Day, June 28, to celebrate the park’s 7th birthday with live music.


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