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The Bedford Lyceum

A Forum on the Arts, Spirituality, Science and Justice

chaired by Ginny Packer

Sunday mornings from 9:30 - 10:50 (unless otherwise noted) 

in Room 202 at First Parish



December 2014


December 7: “What Does My Hamburger Have to Do with Global Warming?” with Sonia DeMarta (founder of the Lexington Farmers’ Market in 2005). Why does organic cost more than conventional? How does eating meat affect my carbon footprint? What are greenhouse gasses? Sonia will discuss a wide range of topics related to the impact of food choices on global warming, and will share very interesting information about how much energy it takes to produce meat, the grain to meat ratio – and interesting facts about the humble lentil! This Lyceum is co-sponsored by the Green Sanctuary Committee.
December 14View the Desert National Parks.  Carol and Ron Reynolds will give a presentation on their tour of the desert national parks of Arizona and Southern California. Their tour included Organ Pipe and Walnut Canyon National Monuments, Joshua Tree, Saguaro and Death Valley National Parks, and the Petrified Forest.
Hiking in each park enabled them to photograph plants and wildlife up close. See Joshua Trees and cactus in bloom. Death Valley, despite its name, is full of life and beautiful scenery. See canyons, salt flats, a castle and the results of a flash flood.
Join them on Sunday, December 14 at 9:30 for a close-up view of our deserts.
December 21 & 28NO Lyceum.  Holiday Break.


January 2014


January 4: "Organizing and Preserving Your Memories” with Marge Heckman. We invest so much in insuring our material possessions, but forget to protect the irreplaceable photos, videos, and documents that remind us of our history. We all have that box (or perhaps boxes?) of "stuff" stored away on our closet shelves or under the bed. Tackling the organization of all of these items can feel like an overwhelming task for many of us. Come learn some tips and techniques about how to get your memories organized and preserved so you can share them with family and friends. Marge is working as photo organizing consultant for a company whose aim is to help people get all those items off the shelf and back into your lives.


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